Corby’s Irish Pub

Corby’s Irish Pub

Less than 2 miles from Notre Dame, Corby’s Irish Pub stands as a South Bend landmark, drawing in college students from the University of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s College, and Holy Cross College, along with alumni, Notre Dame fans, locals, and tourists alike. With a rich history and a reputation as a focal point for the vibrant social scene in the area, Corby’s has become synonymous with the spirit of camaraderie, good times, and, of course, the indomitable Notre Dame pride.

If you’re a student hunting for the ultimate South Bend experience, Corby’s is your spot. Picture this: the pub’s the real deal, even making an appearance in the bar scenes of the legendary movie Rudy. It’s not just a pub; it’s a living memory lane for students and fans alike, making it a non-negotiable stop for anyone wanting to dive headfirst into Notre Dame nostalgia.

Corby’s doesn’t mess around with its drinks. They’ve got a full bar with 16 beers on tap, covering everything from your regulars to fancy craft brews. Whether you’re down for a chill drink after classes or toasting to a Notre Dame win, Corby’s is the spot. And let’s not forget the lively atmosphere and the crew that keeps it friendly – it’s the perfect combo for kicking back with a cold one.

Now, if you’re a foodie, Corby’s Pizza Kitchen is about to become your haven. Handcrafted pizzas are the stars of the show, going beyond the usual pub grub. Whether you’re feeling a classic pepperoni or going wild with a specialty pie, Corby’s has your taste buds covered for a night out.

This place is also a shrine for sports lovers. With TVs strategically scattered, you won’t miss a beat of your favorite game. And when Notre Dame events pop up, Corby’s transforms into this buzzing hub where victory feels electric and fandom is shared in every cheer.

But wait, there’s more. Corby’s isn’t just about sports; they’ve got pool tables, dartboards, and a jukebox for your classic bar entertainment. And on specific nights, a DJ takes over, turning the joint into a dance floor where students can let loose and groove to the beats.

Corby’s Irish Pub is basically a South Bend legend. It’s not just a watering hole; it’s an institution. For college kids at Notre Dame, St. Mary’s, and Holy Cross, Corby’s is where memories happen, friendships are sealed, and the Notre Dame spirit is in full swing. So, whether you’re a local pro, a die-hard fan, or a wandering tourist, Corby’s Irish Pub is throwing out the invite. Come join the party, grab a cold one, chow down on some killer pizza, and soak up the awesome vibes of this South Bend gem. Cheers to that!