Howard Park

Howard Park

In the middle of downtown South Bend, you’ve got Howard Park – not just a family spot but a total hangout for us college students. This place is like an urban oasis, packing in fun, chill vibes, and tasty treats for days.

Let’s talk about the star of the show – the skating ribbon. In the summer, it’s all about roller skating fun. Imagine cruising on wheels, soaking up the sun, and vibing with your pals. Howard Park becomes the ultimate spot for outdoor shenanigans, giving you a break from the whole college grind.

Now, when winter rolls in, the magic happens. The skating ribbon turns into an outdoor ice skating rink, giving you all those winter wonderland feels. It’s like a seasonal switch that keeps the park buzzing with energy all year long.

And when you need a breather, the Howard Park Public House is your spot. It’s this cozy joint right in the park where you can kick back and treat yourself. Whether you’re feeling a warm cup of cocoa or something a bit more spirited like a cocktail, they’ve got your back. It’s open year-round, so there’s always a cool spot to escape to, no matter the season.

But it’s not just about drinks – the Public House has a menu that’s ready to please any taste bud. They’re serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with options that hit the spot for college students like us. From hearty breakfast bites to tasty lunch and dinner dishes, it’s a go-to spot for any time of day, covering all the bases for our eclectic tastes.

For us college kids, Howard Park is more than just green space – it’s a total hub. Outdoor adventures, seasonal fun, and good eats all come together to create an experience that fits our diverse interests. It’s a place where you can kick back, recharge, and make those unforgettable memories. So, whether you’re gliding on the skating ribbon, sipping a warm drink at the Public House, or just soaking in the awesome atmosphere, Howard Park is calling on all college students to dive into the full range of experiences right in the heart of downtown South Bend.