St. Josephs & St. Marys Lakes

St. Josephs & St. Marys Lakes

Nestled between the vibrant campuses of the University of Notre Dame and Holy Cross College lies a hidden gem for students seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of college life. Spanning 2.2 miles, the beautiful wooded trails around St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s Lakes offer a serene escape into nature, providing an ideal setting for students to unwind and connect with the outdoors.

These trails, thoughtfully designed and partially paved, create an inviting space for various activities. Whether you’re a dog owner looking for a picturesque stroll or an avid trail runner seeking an energizing workout, St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s Lakes Trails cater to diverse interests and preferences. The natural beauty surrounding the lakes enhances the overall experience, making it a popular destination for those in search of a delightful slice of nature right in the heart of Notre Dame.

For dog lovers, the trails provide the perfect setting to enjoy some quality time with furry companions. The partially paved paths ensure a comfortable and easy walk for both pets and their owners. The lakeside views add an extra layer of tranquility, creating an idyllic atmosphere for leisurely strolls and moments of reflection.

Trail running enthusiasts will find the varied terrain of the trails to be both challenging and invigorating. The wooded sections offer shade and a sense of seclusion, providing a refreshing break from the typical campus environment. Whether you prefer a leisurely jog or an intense trail run, the St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s Lakes Trails provide a scenic backdrop for an active and fulfilling outdoor experience.

Beyond the physical benefits, these trails offer a mental escape for students looking to recharge and find balance in their hectic schedules. The proximity to the campuses of Notre Dame and Holy Cross College makes it a convenient option for a quick nature-inspired break. As students navigate their academic journeys, having access to such a tranquil oasis provides a valuable opportunity to reset and refocus.

St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s Lakes Trails stand as a testament to the rich natural surroundings that complement the academic vigor of Notre Dame and Holy Cross College. The presence of this haven within walking distance from the campuses emphasizes the commitment to student well-being and the recognition of the importance of fostering a holistic college experience.

The 2.2 miles of wooded trails around St. Joseph’s and St. Mary’s Lakes offer a sanctuary for Notre Dame, St. Mary’s, and Holy Cross College students. Whether you seek a leisurely walk, a trail run, or a moment of quiet reflection, these trails provide a haven of natural beauty, contributing to the overall well-being and balance of college life.